Main usage

Sterilizing and cooling packed foods such as Udon(Japanese wheat) noodles and Soba(buckwheat) noodles continuously.

The mechanism of Continuous sterilization machine

After sterilization through a steaming process, food products are cooled inside a highly hermetic chamber by using air send by powerful fans. Moreover, by increasing wind speed, humidity and temperature decrease thanks to the increased heat of vaporization.
Combined with a palletizer and/or an automatic conveyer, unmanned continuous transportation, sterilization and shipping is possible.

Features of Continuous sterilization machine

  • Capable of processing continuous sterilization and cooling the packed food products which is placed on pallets.
  • After being processed, the food products are ready-to-ship condition.
  • There are big advantages such as improved production efficiency, and reduction of labor cost, and so on.

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