Main usage

This is a machine to obtain steam or hot water by combusting wastes or solid fuels.

Object items
Wood chips, paper sludge, tea residue, plant wastes, the solid fuel by waste plastics. Various wastes such as sludge.
  • A large size machine (A fuel dryer is attached)
    A large size machine (A fuel dryer is attached)
  • A middle size machine
    A middle size machine
  • A small size machine
    A small size machine

The mechanism of Biomass boiler

It is a tubular type boiler.
There is a number of steam pipes inside the can body, which is filled with water. The water is heated by the combustion gas which is obtained through burning wastes and solid fuels inside the combustion chamber, and generates steam.

Features of Biomass boiler

  • Drastic reduction in carbon-dioxide emission is possible.
  • Fuel cost can be cut down by using waste materials.
  • Drying and combusting wastes can be conducted continuously when arranging a YKD series paddle dryer side by side.
    Drying cost can be also reduced by using the discharged gas from the boiler.
  • By preheating the air for sending the discharged gas from the boiler to a combustion chamber, heat loss is reduced, and the efficiency of boiler will increase.
    This also helps to suppress the generation of clinker, because it can improve combustion efficiency.

The size of the machines

* The number below is in the case of a wood chip firing boiler. We need to design individually for other fuels.

TRW-350 TRW-500 TRW-750 TRW-1000 TRW-1500 TRW-2000 TRW-3000
Capacity Equivalent evaporation(kg/h) 420 600 900 1,200 1,800 2,400 3,600
Maximum pressure(kg/cm3) 10
Electrical heating area(m2) 9.8 14.8 24.8 29 46.5 59.5 88
The amount of incinerating wood chips(kg/h) 75〜95 110〜130 160〜200 220〜270 330〜400 450〜540 670〜800
the surface area of fire beds(m2) 0.6 0.7 0.8 1.2 1.5 1.8 1.98
Stock capacity(m3) 0.6 0.9 1.5 1.9 2.4 3.6 5.4
Water supply device Capacity(l/h) 500 1,250 2,400 4,100
Water supply tank 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 4,000
Main steam valve(m/m) 40 50 65 80 80 100 100
Chimney Diameter(m/m) 300 300 390 480 480 580 580
Height(m/m) 7,320 7,320 9,800 12,200 12,200 14,600 18,260
Electric capacity(KW) 6 10 27 30 36 38 42
The size of boiler room A×B(m) 5.0×7.5 5.5×8.3 6.0×10.8 6.0×11.5 7.5×12.8 8.0×14.5 9.0×16
Boiler expert’s license Class-2 boiler expert’s license Class-1 boiler expert’s license

Frequently asked questions

Can you propose the detailed running cost?

Yes. If we can have information such as treatment capacity, and treatment time, our sales staff will submit you the detailed running cost.

Any certification required to operate this machine?

Class-2 boiler expert’s license is required to operate the machine with total heat transferring area smaller than 25m2 . Class-1 boiler expert’s license is necessary for the machine with less than 500 m2 – transferring area.

What kind of fuels are used for this machine?

The fuels approved for biomass fuels can be used.
We will perform tests at our research laboratory for fuels with no past results.

How maintenance or exchange of consumables should be done?

It depends on the frequency of the customers’ use, but we recommend a couple of times a year.
We offer lists of consumables when delivering.

We can provide test in advance depending on customer's requests.

We conduct tests to propose our customers the product that suits their expectation best.
Expense for testing varies depending on its contents and terms. We are flexible, so please consult with us.

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