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Challenge, confidence, and hope for next generation: everything starts from our research laboratory.

“We offer our customers products with which they can be entirely satisfied”. The laboratory of Yasujima was built to reach this aim. All the staff having concern in our products is there to adapt our plants to our customers’ needs. To reach customers’ satisfaction, we will spend the time necessary to examine their needs with all our skills.

Product development that customers can rely on.
In research laboratory, we are conducting R&D activities everyday so that our customers can understand the correct handling of the plant they purchase. We first installed small size test machines and there we collect all the data necessary. With these test machines and these data, we conduct practical tests. At this time, a complete analysis is performed from a basic and practical point of view. We conduct tests to propose our customers the product that suits their expectation best. In addition, as our customers are informed of the data collected at any time, we are here to listen to each of their advice: the laboratory is here to deepen bounds with our customers. Thus, our products are developed on the basis of sufficient supporting data obtained in research laboratory. That is why the laboratory is considered as the central place for the development of our machines. Then, as we are never satisfied with any present situation, we need a place to improve our future products. This place is the laboratory of Yasujima Company.

Test information

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List of test machines

Timber dryer

We can make drying test for Japanese and foreign wood species.
Our vacuum dryers run at a temperature between 38 to 60℃

Vacuum and high frequency dryer(HED)
Use, properties
  • For hardwood and softwood drying
  • Thanks to high frequency heating, it is possible to dry wood from inside.
  • It can be applied to materials other than woods. Please consult with us.
Max. loading height: 500mm
Max. loading width: 600mm
Max. loading length: 600mm
Max. loading volume: 0.96m³
Vacuum and hot air dryer(HD)
Use, properties
  • For hardwood and softwood drying
  • Thanks to high frequency heating, it is possible to dry wood from inside.
  • It can be applied to materials other than woods. Please consult with us.
Max. loading height: 1350mm
Max. loading width: 1100mm
Max. loading length: 5000mm
Max. loading volume: 7.0m³

Other dryers

It is possible to make drying test of food, food residue, sludge, paper pulp, etc. We can also conduct drying test of powder or liquid.

Freeze dryer(YFD)
Use, properties
  • Food drying
  • After freezing the product, drying process occurs at a water boiling temperature lower than 0℃ preserving the nutrients and the color of the product.
Max. loading height: 4 levels for max. thickness of 50mm
For liquid, max thickness of 25 mm
Max. loading width: 400m
Max. loading length: 950mm
Max. loading volume: 0.08m³Max.
Freeze dryer
Use, properties
  • As a materials is sublimated from its frozen states, the shapes of the material will not change significantly.
  • Drying process occurs with low temperature, preserving the nutrients, flavor, the color of the product.
  • Since materials will dry porously, drying occurs even from inside, and the water contents can be very low.
  • Finished products have good restorability and solubility because of their porosity.
Treatment capacity: 2kg/batch
High speed paddle dryer(YKD)
Use, properties
  • Drying of food residue and sludge
  • As there are 2 supply devices, it is possible to dry 2 different kind of material at once.
  • Can dry 60 to 100kg of materials per hour
  • Paddle mixing improves drying efficiency.
※Bring back the test material after test./small>
Vacuum paddle dryer(YVD)
Use, properties
  • Drying of food residue and sludge
  • Thanks to vacuum it is possible to dry at low temperature.
  • 30 to 50kg per batch.
Biomass boiler
Use, properties
  • Drying and burning of wood chips, barks, or other sludges
  • Hot gas exhausting from the boiler are used for drying raw chips and barks.

Impregnation machine

Maximum impregnation pressure is 20kg/cm² by air pressure. By using steam, it is possible to heat the solution.

Vacuum and pressure impregnation machine for wood
Use, properties
  • For injection of insecticide, fire retardant solution
  • Solution is injected by air pressure after loading the material in a bat. It is possible to set pressure step by step.
  • Max. pressure 20kg/cm² by air pressure
Max. loading height: 250m
Max. loading width: 400m
Max. loading length: 3000m
Max. loading volume: 0.3m(depends on the type of solution.)
Impregnation machine for food
Use, properties
  • By combining vacuum and pressure, it is possible to inject liquids(even oily liquid that hard to permeate) into food in short time.
Treatment capacity: 20L/batch


There are also various plants for steaming process, heat treatment under vacuum conditions, heat treatment with over-heated steam, etc.

Steam blasting machine(EX)
Use, properties
  • Steaming and blasting process
  • Max. treatment temperature = 175℃
Max. loading height: 300mm
Max. loading width: 400m
Max. loading length: Less than 2000mm
Max. loading volume: approx. 0.2m³
Incising machine
Use, properties
  • Incising of timber
  • Max. square size =120mm (4 axis)
  • Need communication regarding the size of woods

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