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The all-around manufacturer of plant facilities as dryers

Yasujima is highly evaluated not only by vacuum plants, which is our main products, but also by other machines such as various type of dryers and sterilization machine.
We also keep challenging the development of new plants, and new field, in order to satisfy customers' needs and requests.

A 70 years' journey of Yasujima

Yasujima was established in 1950 and we celebrated the 70th anniversary of our company's establishment in 2020. This is all because of supports and cooperation provided by all of our clients and people in our community.
We have created the video to show Yasujima's history. We hope you will enjoy it.


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Product line-up


Research Lab

We can provide trials in advance in our research laboratory, so that customers will be able to fully understand our products before purchase.
The cost of trial will vary depending on its scale, terms and budgets. We are flexible, so please feel free to consult with us.

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We have our maintenance team set in our headquarter and also our Kanto office, so that we can support to maintain the plant we have delivered the best condition.

For all areas in Japan, Oversees by consultation and agreement.
Kanto office
For Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, and Chubu area
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