Main usage

Development of new materials or destroying wood tissue by high pressure and high temperature.

Comminuted and improved enzymatic saccharification
Soft materials such as vegetables
Liquified materials
Change the condition of bamboo fibers

The mechanism of Steam blasting machine

Steam blasting machine can cause the change of organization configurations by high pressure and high temperature.

By pressurizing and heating through steam inside the pressure vessel then exposing to the atmosphere suddenly, the shock of high-speed spurts and the volume expansion of the steam permeated to the material can break materials into pieces

Features of Steam blasting machine

  • It is possible to make pant materials low-molecular.
  • The special silencer is equipped to the blasting machine of Yasujima, so that the sound of blasting can be reduced to the utmost limits.
  • Repeat steaming and blasting type destroys cell walls and makes easy to collect the components of the processed product.
  • By using only single blasting process, it is possible to crush the processed product. This machine is useful to improve the use of biomass products.

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