Main usage

This machine can process not only injection of preservatives or antitermite agent but also drying by using high frequency wave.

Antiseptic and antitermite treatment
construction material (plywood, structure material, laminated lumber, LVL, etc.)

The mechanism of Vacuum and pressure impregnation machine for wood (Dry)

After dried materials(woods) are set, the air insides the woods will be extracted by reducing pressure.
By using a pump, chemical solution will be injected with pressure into the vacant space that was created by the extraction.,
When injection is completed, the solution will be drained, and heating with high frequency starts.
Finally the solvent permeated to the woods will be vaporized by heating to be recollected.

Features of Vacuum and pressure impregnation machine for wood (Dry)

  • No need to dry the treated timber after the preservative injection.
    As the solution does not contain water, there is no need to re-dry the treated timber after impregnation which reduces dramatically the production process time.
  • It is possible to treat dry and processed timber.
    As there is no dimension changes during impregnation, it is possible to treat processed timber. It is consequently possible to treat Plywood. As timber is dry after treatment, production productivity is greatly improved.
  • The recollected solution can be re-used.
    It is possible to reduce running cost as the solution is recollected and can be re-used.
  • Automatic running.
    From preservation injection to solution recollection, all processes are automatic.
    *This plant was developed in collaboration with Kanematsu NNK Corporation

Frequently asked questions

How big is the size of the machine?

We are able to propose the best layout option, based on the treatment capacity, and the space to install. Please feel free to ask us.

Can you propose the detailed running cost?

Yes. If we can have information such as treatment capacity, and necessary additional equipment such as boiler, etc., our sales staff will submit you the detailed running cost.

What kind of agents can be used?

If you are exploring the opportunities for new fields, we might be able to introduce the chemical manufacturer to fit your needs.
We recommend to perform trials at our laboratory, if you are planning to use newly developed chemical agents.

Is there other machineries required besides impregnation machine?

We can make comprehensive proposal including the machineries which might be necessary before and after the process(e.g. incising machine, drier, cleaning machine, quality management device, etc.)
Please feel free to consult us.

Regarding the maintenance frequency.

We will perform periodic maintenance based on the customer’s request.

We can provide test in advance depending on customer's requests.

We conduct tests to propose our customers the product that suits their expectation best.
Expense for testing varies depending on its contents and terms. We are flexible, so please consult with us.

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