Main usage

It is possible to dry various materials such as foods, drugs and medicines.

  • A large size machine
    A large size machine
  • A large size machine
    A large size machine
  • A small size machine
    A small size machine

The mechanism of Freeze dryer

Freeze dryer can dry materials by freezing the moisture inside the material first, then eliminating them by sublimation.

By lowering the temperature inside the dryer to below freezing point, the material will freeze.
After freezing process is completed, the material will be heated with 30-60 deg C through shelf plates, and the moisture will be converted to vapour by sublimation.
The evaporated moisture will be cooled and collected as a form of ice inside a cold trap.
Finally, the cold trap is heated, and collected vapours will be discharged, in a liquid state.

Features of Freeze dryer

  • The shapes of the materials will not change significantly since it will be sublimated from its frozen state.
  • Drying is processed with low temperature, so the change in the material constituent is the least. Its color, flavor, taste, and nutritional value will be retained.
  • Materials will dry porously and drying will be progressed even from inside. This can make the water content of material very low.
  • Finished products have good restorability and solubility because of their porosity.

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