Main usage

Capable of hydrolyzing materials by using the power of saturation temperature and saturated steam pressure.

Object items
Waste plastics, sugar canes, wood chips, sweet potatoes, food residue, fishery waste, etc.

The mechanism of Hydrolysis machine

Decomposition products can be obtained by making materials to react chemically with water.
When hydrolysis occurs, a water molecule is decomposed into H(protons) and OH(Hydroxides), and they are taken into the products separately.
Various types of hydrolysis reactions is included, based on categorization according to reaction modes.

Processing unutilized resources by using hydrolysis reaction or chemical heat reaction of the hydrolysis machine does not emit any carbon dioxide or dioxin, so that they will be profitable resources without any bad influence on environments as air pollutions.

Features of Hydrolysis machine

  • Possible to produce ethanol from wood materials and waste materials
  • Capable of recycling waste materials into fuels or composts.
  • This machine can remove mercury, heavy metal, chlorine, or cesium.
  • Significant reduction of carbon monoxide, and zero generation of dioxin.

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