Main usage

This makes impregnating difficult-to-impregnate woods possible by processing the surface of woods.

The mechanism of Incising machine

Materials(woods) are set onto the roller conveyer and holes are made at woods surface by the cutting tool, which is developed uniquely by us.

Features of Incising machine

  • It is possible to impregnate the materials which were difficult to be impregnated.
  • By making holes, impregnating process will speed up and time required can be shortened.
  • The variation in injection can be suppressed and even impregnation is possible.
  • 4-axis method can incise four fazes with one pass.
  • It can not only reduce the cost by speeding up drying speed, but also restrain cracks.

The size of the machine

  KY type incising EX KY type incising
  KY-4000EX KY-9000EX KY-4000 KY-9000
The number of axes 4 axis (bilateral, and vertical arrangement)
The size of the axis 190φmm
Material size can be processed Width:40-150mm Thichness:40-150mm, Length: 900mm or longer
Feed speed 20m/min
Motors 3.7kW 5.5kW  3.7kW 5.5kW
Machine size 1200mm×1700mm 1200mm×1700mm 1000mm×1500mm 1000mm×1500mm

Frequently asked questions

How often the axis need to be changed?

How fast the axis is worn depends on the material. Please ask us for details, so we can show the past results.

Can you tell the kind of materials the machine can handle?

In case of the materials we have never handled, we can perform trials at our laboratory. Please feel free to ask us.

We can provide test in advance depending on customer's requests.

We conduct tests to propose our customers the product that suits their expectation best.
Expense for testing varies depending on its contents and terms. We are flexible, so please consult with us.

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