Main usage

This machine uses heat and pressure to vulcanize rubber products.

Object items
Tires (retread), rubber strings, rubber hoses, etc.

The mechanism of Vulcanizer

Heating rubber products and combining rubber molecules with sulfer through a chemical reaction can change the condition of the rubber.
This allows to drastically improve the products strength and prevent reduction of the its elasticity by humidity change.

Features of Vulcanizer

  • The temperature inside our vulcanizer is very consistent throughout, so parts or components can be used for long time period.
  • We will design and manufacture to meet the customer’s requests, and can suggest a plan with space saving and increased production efficiency.
  • As a heat source, a steam heater can be added besides an electric heater.

We can provide test in advance depending on customer's requests.

We conduct tests to propose our customers the product that suits their expectation best.
Expense for testing varies depending on its contents and terms. We are flexible, so please consult with us.

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