Considering protection of personal information as an essential matter, YASUJIMA Co., Ltd (hereafter, the “Company”) will set privacy policy below and strictly follow this policy.

1. Establishment of Internal Rules and Continuous Improvement
The executives and employees of the Company will be well aware of the importance of personal information protection and establish internal rules, so that the Company faithfully observes, maintains, and continuously improves the rules.
2. Use and Management of Personal Information
When collecting, utilizing or disclosing the personal information in a manner suited to the nature of the Company’s business and/or the actual state of the Company’s business operations, the Company will faithfully adhere the established internal rules and deal with the personal information appropriately.
3. Implementation of Security Measures
The Company will set internal rules to implement security measures for avoiding an illegal outflow of personal information from the Company and illicit falsification of the information. The Company will also prevent illegal access, loss, damage, alteration, and/or leak of personal information.
4. Respect of Personal Rights
If a user claims disclosure, correction, or deletion of the collected personal information, the Company respect the personal rights and will deal with appropriately based on general social norms and customs.
5. Compliance with Lows and Regulations
The Company will comply with the law and other regulations about the protection of personal information, and all staffs of the Company will understand the importance of protecting personal information and properly manage the information.


1. Purpose of Using Cookies
When you display or use a website operated by YASUJIMA Co., Ltd (hereafter, the “Company”), the following information will be automatically collected and saved by means of cookies, access logs, etc. The Company uses cookies to allow users to efficiently move between pages and to store preferences, for a better overall user experience. In addition, the use of cookies allows the Company to display online advertisements related to users’ interests, as well as to provide other content suited to users.
2. Purpose of Effect Measurement
In order to improve site performance and the services provided to users, by understanding the usage status of the Company’s website, etc., cookies used by the Company include third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics. These third-party cookies are used to collect and analyze information with regard to the activities performed by users on the site, including information about pages viewed, and information about the computers accessing the Company’s website, etc. (device IDs, IP addresses, operating systems, browsers, etc.).

The use of third-party cookies is in effect only while a user is accessing the Company’s website, etc. For details of how these third-party companies collect and use information on behalf of the Company, please see the following website:
Google Analytics (

It is also possible to opt out and delete cookies based on the third party’s privacy policy:
Google Analytics (

Third-party cookies that are collected automatically do not contain any personal information. However, information about the users acquired by the Company through any methods, such as data input on the Company’s website, etc.; exchanging of business cards; participation in events; registration for e-mail newsletters; or download of materials, may be used in association with cookies. In this event, the information shall be treated as personal information.
3. Cookie Management
If a user does not wish to allow the use of cookies, the user can change his/her browser setting to refuse or allow the use of site cookies at any time. For more information on how to enable or disable cookies, refer to your browser’s user manual or help screen.
Please note that doing so may render all or part of the services unusable.
In addition, even if cookies have been deleted, accessing this website or clicking on a link in an e-mail sent by the Company will immediately cause the system to generate cookies, unless the browser has been set to refuse cookies.