Governmentally authorized business

Permit by prefectural governor of Ishikawa No.2650
Installation work of machines and Instruments, and pipeworks

Authorization of manufacturing

Licensed factory by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Licensed Products License Number Date of acquisition
Normal overhead running crane Isikawa Labor Standard No.5 June, 1963
Welding of cylindrical(double) class-1 pressure vessel Isikawa Labor Standard No.21 July, 1962
Portal crane Isikawa Labor Standard No.22 August, 1970
Clutch type cylindrical class-1 pressure vessel Isikawa Labor Standard No.25 December, 1962
Manufacturing of boilers and, and others. …7 items  


Registered Name Registered Number
Timber drying machine No.1855044
The method and machine to remove the grease contained in woods No.1768655
The machine to impregnate treatment liquid to woods No.1768673
The method and machine to process hot water impregnation into splittable chopsticks No.2858031

Patents pending

Title Of Application Application Number
The method and machine to dry timbers No.7-310107
The curing method of a cement board No.7-350092
High frequency heating of woods/Electrode places and drying method. No.10-041328
The drying method preventing cracks of coniferous woods No.11-295683